Our Service Cataract Surgeries (Phaco, Sics & Other Surgeries) with day care service

Glaucoma clinic
Cornea Clinic (Ulcer, Pterygium, Dry eye, Scar, LASIK)
Corneal Transplant Surgery OCR & DCT
Uveities Management Ocular Trauma Management
Nd YAG laser (Capsulotomy, Iridotomy) for galaucoma and post surgery
Low vision
Diabetice low checkup

ø Computerised Refraction
ø Indirect Opthalmology
ø Biometry, Keratometry
ø Automated Perimetry
ø Medicine, Dental Care

10 Bedded Hospital, Air Conditioned Cabins, 200 Seater Seminar Hall & 3 airconditioned Meeting Halls equipped with PA Systems & LCD Projectors.

Offered Facilites
Complete Computerised Eye Examination
Power correction (Glass, Contact Lens, Laser, Surgical etc)
Cataract Surgical (Phaco, Sless other Surgeries)
Glaucoma Clinic
Cornia Clinic
Corneal Transplant

Gauhati Lions Eye Hospital Provide World Class Cataract Treatment

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