GLEH Eye Clinic
“About 45 million people are blind today. At least 80 percent of Blindness is reversible or could have been prevented” “1.35 million Lions Club members all over the world are engaged in a global campaign to eliminate avoidable blindness.” “Lions are active in a wide range of blindnesss preventing endeavours that benefit the blind, visually impaired and those at risk of becoming blind.”

Why Guhati Lions eye hospital?

ø World class cataract treatment MICS
ø 5 dedicated Ophthalmologist
ø 40 trained staff
ø Cutting edge technology
ø Highly experienced Doctors
ø Quick recovery
ø No stitches
ø Personal care and attention

Doctors Available

Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Anamika Baishya, DOMS, Trained in IOL - Microsurgery in SSN, Beltola

Visiting Consultants
Dr. Sanjoy Kr. Burhagohain, MS, DNB, Ex Consultant- Sri Sankar Netralaya, Chennai - Dept of Neuroophthalmology
Dr.Tadbir Agarwall, MS, Fellowship in Gloucoma, SSN, Guwahati p
Dr. John Ritchi n Sangma, MS, Fellowship in General Opthalmology p
Dr Mukesh Kr Agarwal, DOMS

Cornea Clinic
9am - 2pm
Cataract Clinic
All week days
9am 7pm
Glaucoma Clinic
Tuesday closed
2pm - 7pm