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About 45 million people are blind today.

At least 80 percent of Blindness is reversible or could have been prevented.

1.35 million Lions Club members all over the world are engaged in a global campaign to eliminate avoidable blindness.

Lions are active in a wide range of blindness prevention endeavours that benefit the blind, visually impaired and those at risk of becoming blind.

“Cataract surgery is the single most cost effective surgical intervention in the world”

Gauhati Lions Eye Hospital, a project of Lions Club of Gauhati, has been in the service of the community since 1996. Hundreds of free cataract surgeries for the poor and needy persons have been performed. With a little effort by a benevolent person, poor and needy blind person will be able to see this world . Project “Drishtidaan” - a project of Lions Club of Gauhati, offers an opportunity to people “who have” to provide “DRISHTI” or “VISION” - the great gift of God, to those “who do not have”

Under this project one can donate a sum of Rs. 2100/- (Rupees Two Thousand One Hundred only) for the humanitarian cause of restoring the sight of a poor and needy person by performing a cataract surgery. As such, the subsidised rates for cataract surgeries at our Eye Hospital is Rs. 3800/-. But on receipt of this donation of Rs. 2100/- the hospital will make good the balance of Rs. 1700/- from other sources and perform the cataract surgery absolutely free of cost.

Offer your prayers by donating Vision to a Poor Old Needy and less fortunate person

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